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No Frills! Dance Happening

November 4th Youth Choreographer Showcase

and November 5th Adult Choreographer Showcase

at 7:30pm 

Tickets $10, purchase at the door 

“No Frills” has been in existence for 16 years and is an important venue for local choreographers to show new work or work in progress. ZUZI! “No Frills” has been described as an open mic for dance and is a unique opportunity to showcase work and perform in a relaxed setting. As the name suggests, there really are no frill…..no fancy lights, no fancy sets….just dancers, choreographers, experimentation, and a great show! I am writing specifically to invite you to consider showing your work on one of these shows!

 “No Frills” concert has come to serve two important purposes.  First, it has become a popular venue for youth performers, schools and youth choreography. Second, it has continued to be an important venue for local choreographers to showcase new work, which can be quite experimental in nature. 

The Friday November 4th will feature youth choreographers and November 5th, will showcase adult choreographers.  Both the Youth and Adult showcase will truly be about the process, so that you do not have to have a finished product to show your work. 

If you are interested in showcasing work, please download and fill out the submission form here and email to: zuzisphere@gmail.com, Attn: ZUZI! No Frills