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2015 Summer Schedule

Wednesday, May 27th - Releasing into Aerial

7:00 PM - 8:30 PM with Nanette Robinson

$15, Ages 14+

This class is an approach to aerial dance through improvisation, partnering and Skinner Releasing Technique (see SRT description).  We will explore approaching the trapezes as a way to create improvised and crafted solo dances or move as partners within an image based landscape.  Formal aspects of trapeze technique will also be addressed as needed but the majority of the class will be exploratory and experiental.  There will be solo times of partnering and shared group dances with the trapeze.  Some aerial experience is required to attend these classes. 

Nanette Robinson, choreographer, educator and dancer is ZUZI! Co-Founder and Artistic Director, holds a BFA in Dance from Temple University and is an introductory and ongoing certified instructor of Skinner Releasing.   She has travelled internationally teaching and performing and has extensive experience as an aerial dancer and teacher having worked with Robert Davidson and Terry Sendgraff. Nanette’s choreography has been showcased locally with O-T-O, Zenith Dance Collective, Arts for All, University of Arizona Dance Department, Rick Wamer, “Mythos” Project, NEW ARTiculations, Funhouse Movement Theater, The Tucson Poetry Festival, the ADAA Showcase and the Flagstaff Summer Dance Festival. Nanette is currently teaching at Paolo Freire School, with Mirasol Recovery Treatment Program and ZUZI! School.  She is thrilled to be a part of ZUZI!. It has been her home and artistic toolbox for creating dances,  flying, teaching and working with all levels and ages of dance lovers. Nanette is currently in the MFA Dance program at University of Wisconsin.

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Thursday May 28th - Creating Character & Embodying Emotion

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM with Paul Galbraith

$20, Ages 14+

Every story needs a character and every character needs emotions. Using guided physical explorations, we will discover many different personalities hidden within our bodies and the physical ways they express themselves. We will learn how to create clear characters and express distinct emotions with our whole selves. Students should wear comfortable clothes in which they can move freely.

Paul Galbraith is a dynamic performer of spoken and physical comedy, burlesque, clown, and mime. Most of his acts tell stories characters' transformations or the duality of their public and secret identities. Whether playing a freshwater turtle in forbidden saltwater love, a tramp with a deal with the devil, or the whole history of modern France, Paul Galbraith dismantles assumptions and defies convention with humor and passion. He has won 6 awards at 5 national burlesque festivals and has performed and taught in nearly every state in the US, in Canada, and in the UK.

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Saturday, July 18th - Authentic Movement

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM with Debby Urken

$20, Ages 18+

Authentic movement is a contemplative movement practice that encourages us to “see” clearly. In authentic movement, we learn to pay attention to the physical sensations, feelings, and impulses that arise in our bodies, the subtleties of others’ movement, and our habitual patterns of interacting with others and the environment.  As we alternate between moving freely with our eyes closed and witnessing others’ movement with an open mind and heart, we reground ourselves in the present moment. Through journaling, drawing and group sharing, personal and collective stories emerge.

Debby Urken has led writing, expressive arts and movement groups in Tucson for more than five years. She is a member of Zuzi Dance Company. Debby holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Brain and Behavioral Science from Cornell University. She is also a certified Let Your Yoga Dance ® teacher and Journey Dance™ teacher.