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2015 Summer Schedule

Saturday, July 18th - Authentic Movement

Debby Urken11:00 AM - 1:00 PM with Debby Urken

$20, Ages 18+

Authentic movement is a contemplative movement practice that encourages us to “see” clearly. In authentic movement, we learn to pay attention to the physical sensations, feelings, and impulses that arise in our bodies, the subtleties of others’ movement, and our habitual patterns of interacting with others and the environment.  As we alternate between moving freely with our eyes closed and witnessing others’ movement with an open mind and heart, we reground ourselves in the present moment. Through journaling, drawing and group sharing, personal and collective stories emerge. All levels welcome. Movement/dance experience not required.

Debby Urken has led writing, expressive arts and movement groups in Tucson for more than five years. She is a member of Zuzi Dance Company. Debby holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Brain and Behavioral Science from Cornell University. She is also a certified Let Your Yoga Dance ® teacher and Journey Dance™ teacher.