Performing Arts Coalition at ZUZI!


ZUZI! is seeking other performance art groups of theater, dance, circus arts to band together and create a shared home nestled in the upper 4th Avenue District. ZUZI! Theater is a 135-seat theater at The Historic Y.

As downtown Tucson continues to develop, so must performing artists develop new strategies to reach their audiences.  By bringing other small groups together we can create a hub of theater, dance, and performing arts. Thus was born The Performing Arts Coalition at ZUZI! or PACZ.

“We want to see other performing arts and companies have a home,” says ZUZI! Dance Co-founder and Nanette Robinson, “with a dedicated, year-round rehearsal space.” with each organization or individual artist, bringing its own team of performers, artists and dancers, along with their own mission and style to the PACZ stage. The formation of PACZ will give fledgling organizations the opportunity to have a home in which to produce.

Although ZUZI!’s focus is dance and somatic healing practices, part of our goal is to provide opportunities and resources for individuals to discover and confidently navigate their creative paths. Shawn Burke, owner of The Historic Y where PACZ is housed, endorses this new direction. “My vision,” explains Burke, “has been to build upon the dynamic, progressive, and creative atmosphere that ZUZI! originally brought when it opened for business here in 1999.  The new Performance Arts Coalition is the perfect addition.”