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Angelica DeLashmette Hurst

Solo Artist & Educator


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Angelica DeLashmette Hurst is a seasoned educator, choreographer, performing artist, director and producer. She is a hybrid dance artist who is passionate and inspired by Hip-Hop/Street Dance forms and Modern/Contemporary dance forms and lineages. She is a Contemporary dancer and artist as well as a practitioner inside of Hip-Hop Culture, and aims to bring awareness, education, respect, and appreciation for Black vernacular dance through her artistic practice and pedagogical research. Recently her creative research has been focused within Western and Afro-Diasporic dance improvisational practices that are centered in the social moving body – examining how a responsive and conversational body (the mode of call and response) is activated in practice and performance. She aims to interrogate choreographic structures, create cooperative group processes, and identify relational approaches for choreographic development. She has expertise in composition/creative process and improvisational practices as well as Somatic movement and body re-education methodologies, dance medicine/injury prevention, kinesiology and functional anatomy. Hurst was an Iowa Arts Fellow and received her MFA in Dance from The University of Iowa and is a Certified Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analyst (CLMA) and a Registered Somatic Movement Educator (RSME). From 2013 – 2018 she was a Seattle-based artist and educator who created new works with her project-based dance company, DeLashmette Dance Projects, and directed and produced acclaimed concerts and dance festivals. Hurst sees dance as a powerful art form that cultivates shared experiences and constantly reinforces the significance of meaning-making through the body. It is in her capacity to connect, collaborate and build community with others that dance has had its most profound influence in her life. She is passionate about creating spaces for creative action and loves to teach and mentor students and enjoys coaching dancers inside of collaborative processes to develop performance work. She is currently based in Southern Arizona (Tucson, AZ) and is on faculty in the dance programs at Arizona State University, Grand Canyon University, and Scottsdale and Mesa Community Colleges.

Learn a little bit more about Angelica...

ZUZI:  Why do you feel the Arts, and particularly Dance, is an important part of life and learning?

Angelica:  To answer this question would be thousands of pages! So in a nutshell, dance is an artistic medium that challenges the way we relate to ourselves, each other, and our world. It creates third spaces for thinking and perceiving, and facilitates the ability to unite and find common ground and universal connection through our differences.

ZUZI:  What other hobbies do you have that you would like to share with us?

Angelica:  Professional choreographer, performer, educator, entrepreneur, animal lover, foodie.

ZUZI:  What is something you have learned during the last couple of years, or during your entire dance career, that you wouldn't mind sharing?

Angelica:  Movement expression through the body is so much more powerful than we realize..

Thank you, Angelica for being a new and lovely addition to ZUZI! Dance and for bringing your awesome talent to our Solstice show!

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