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Bob Effertz brings together his love for world travel, ethnic music and dance, and his great appreciation for kids in his workshops.


In his 20 plus years as a school psychologist/counselor, he integrated world music with his work with youth, with the intentional of helping them develop an emotionally and physically healthy life style.  As a world traveller over many years,  he joined travel writer Rick Steves in co-authoring  Asia Through the Back Door.


For more than 30 years,  Bob has studied ethnic music and dance, and participated in a variety of spiritual traditions in different area of the world.


While living in the Seattle area, he was a regular presenter/teacher of world culture, music, and dance in the library system, in the public schools, youth summer camps,  and at the University of Washington.  Since moving to Tucson in 2016, he’s taught world music, dance, and art for grades 1-7 at the Tucson Waldorf School, at ZUZI !, and in the Pima County Library System.