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Class Descriptions ~

Beginning Aerial Trapeze
Students combine dance with low-flying single point trapeze in a supportive & safe environment. In addition to learning aerial skills, students work on building spatial awareness, trust & cooperation. All levels welcome. 

Intermediate Aerial Trapeze/Aerial Dance/Aerial Choreography
For those students with aerial experience, this class offers the next step to advancing their skills.  We will concentrate on the importance of fluidity while dancing on the trapeze as well as how to incorporate dance on the floor.  We will learn new hangs, swings and work on all skills learned previously.  Explore aerial techniques through dance, choreography, and improvisation.

Creative Movement & Aerial
This class begins with 20 minutes of creative movement that encourages free expression while teaching elements of dance including rhythm, movement quality & body awareness. After floor work children spend 30 min. exploring low –flying aerial trapeze. 

Skinner Releasing

No experience is necessary to enjoy this innovative approach to creativity and the healing arts (yoga, body work etc.) which promotes postural alignment, movement efficiency, and tension reduction. Releasing weaves poetic imagery, music & tactile exercises to integrate the whole self and tap into the creative process for each individual. Click HERE for a more about Skinner Releasing Technique.

Intermediate-Advanced Performance Dance

This class will work on across-the-floor combinations, isolation technique and performance-specific choreography.  Dance experience is required.

Improvisation/Creative Movement
These classes are designed to encourage movement expressions through improvisation techniques founded upon the free approach to dance and movement pioneered by Barbara Mettler.  Dancers will begin class by working individually to build awareness of self.  The progression then moves onto working with partners, in small groups of 3 – 5 dancers, and finally to the whole group.  Students will be guided through a series of specific movement studies and challenges with the aim of expanding movement vocabulary and finding opportunities to think/move in new ways.   Whole group dances will be free group improvisations, with or without specified themes. No prior dance experience needed.  Together we create an inclusive, participatory and collaborative environment where each dancer can contribute his/her unique creative energy to the group. 


Intermediate Modern

This class provides experienced dancers with perspectives of modern dance and guides each dancer to develop strength, flexibility & inner connection. Contemporary dance uses body movements ranging from quick and spontaneous to slow and fluid. Class begins with a warm up based on Bartenieff/Laban and Skinner Releasing principles and develops into combinations across the floor and a short routine each week.