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We are still working out some logistics for in-person classes to ensure everyone's safety. We expect our studio classes to begin September 20. Please check back soon for the schedule or e-mail us at:

  • Virtual: Dreaming & Movement Class Series
    August 2, 4, 9 & 11: 10:30a-Noon
    Link will be e-mailed at registration.
    In this class we will use our dreams as a vehicle for movement. The images, ideas, emotions and sensations we elicit through the dream world will guide us into this rich landscape.
  • Virtual: The Place Where We Place Our Feet
    August 1 & 8: 10 AM - Noon
    Zoom link will be sent at registration.
    The use of playful improvisation, relaxation and writing will culminate in building a group movement phrase to go with our theme.
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