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Katharine Harts

Director / Choreographer / Educator





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Katharine Harts is a dance/somatic educator, choreographer and director of the soullovesthebody. She brings over 35 years of experience in dance and has served as a pastor for 20 years.  Recently she retired from church ministry and is happily living in Hawaii teaching dance, aerial yoga, Life Art Experience and the MELT Method (currently on Zoom).  During her dual career as pastor and dancer, Katharine has initiated the University of Arizona Sacred Dancers, the Scottsdale Neighborhood Arts Program (SNAP), the Center for Embodied Spirituality, Aerial Arts Fairfax, the Fairfax Food Pantry and the Fairfax Organic Senior Lunch.  Katharine's background in dance, choreography and spirituality runs deep and wide. She holds an MFA in Dance from the University of Arizona and is a graduate of the Tamalpa Institute where she studied with dance pioneer, Anna Halprin. As a dance and fitness educator, she is certified in AIReal yoga, AntiGravity and the MELT Method Bodywork. Katharine teaches MELT, aerial yoga and aerial dance on Oahu and is currently teaching and performing online for a much larger audience. Her passion is to help students find their connection to health, spirituality and self-expression through these amazing human bodies we live in.

Learn a little bit more about Katharine....

ZUZI:  Tell us a little bit about the performance for this ZUZI! Winter Solstice show. What is the significance to the solstice?

Katharine:  The piece is about how we go to familiar places in nature(to the riverside) when the world seems to be breaking apart but what happens when those familiar and comforting places in nature are ruined by climate change. When we can't drink from the waters, when we can't take a deep breath in, when we can't eat the food from the land because the soil is contaminated and stripped of nutrients and our reciprocal relationship with trees have been have burnt down to the ground. It is comforting to acknowledge the winter solstice and it is hopefully when humans have reached the maximum darkness away from the sun. May all the 2 legged ones change their ways and work in harmony with nature from this day forward. And may all that is torn and broken be restored.!

ZUZI:  Do you reside in Arizona? Where is your company located??

Katharine:  I live in Honolulu where I teach dance, aerial yoga, hammock dance, aerial for youth and MELT Method on Zoom. My clients are: Still and Moving Dance Center, Queen Emma Ballet company, Power Yoga Hawaii and my own business I plan on coming to Tucson once a year to teach..

ZUZI:  What is something you have learned during the last couple of years, or during your entire dance career, that you wouldn't mind sharing?

Katharine:  In the past 10 years I have lost most of my family members. Normally to relieve the grief I would throw myself into busyness and overworking. The pandemic did not allow that luxury and out of desperation I found comfort in nature. I am learning to trust my body and give myself rest at regular intervals. I am less about pushing through pain and exhaustion and more about yielding to whatever is arising in the moment as a somatic and spiritual discipline.

Thank you, Katharine, for bringing your dynamic and also calming personality and lovely choreography to ZUZI! Dance and thank you for being a part of our special Solstice show!

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Katharine MELT
Winter Solstice 2021-7.png