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Aja Squires began her performance training in the theatre arts and moved to dance when she discovered aerial apparatus, flying and suspending movement in the air.  She began 20 years ago on the low flying trapeze under the tutelage of Patti Lopez and the Arivaca Arts Council.  In Tucson, she expanded this skill with Annie Bunker, Charles Thompson, and Nate Dryden.  She has taken workshops with Robert Davidson, Nancy Smith of Frequent Flyers Productions, Terry Sendgraff, the trapeze twins, Elsie and Serenity Smith, and French Aerialists Jacques Bertrand and Frederique Debit.  She was the assistant school director for O-T-O Dance and taught and performed with them for 5 years. She has also previously performed and collaborated with O-T-O Dance, MMO All Souls procession finale performance, Sugarbeast Circus, Airloom Aerial and Zuzi Dance where she is also an educator, integrating life's metaphors into dance theory and practice.

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