In-person classes have been canceled due to a rise in local outbreaks of COVID-19. We are adding more virtual classes and hope you will join us! We will continue to keep you updated via our website, newsletters and social media. To sign-up for our newsletter, click here.

Dear ZUZI! Family,


We are excited to be welcoming you back into the studio and we are looking forward to your return in a safe and healthy way!


ZUZI! Dance has some great news!  In September, we will be transitioning into a new space with a new dance floor!  This new space is STUDIO Y, located 1.5 blocks from The Historic Y and home of the old Walker Mooney Balfour Photography Studio.  STUDIO Y is owned by our wonderful landlord, Shawn Burke.  Our goal is to begin classes at this location for the Fall session in October! 


This is a time full of new beginnings.  Let us take it as an invitation to relearn how to navigate through these rapidly changing times.  We are learning how to “be” in the new normal.  We are learning a new way to relate to each other, to the world, and have been given an opportunity to positively transform worn out patterns of thinking and being.  ZUZI! Dance remains hopeful and we look forward to growing together in this new journey with our dedicated students, parents, collaborators and friends.


In this journey, we are dedicated to offering classes in the best way possible.  We will diligently strive to maintain a healthy and safe environment, where our community can learn and play together.  You can view our guidelines and requirements for in-person classes.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


This session we will offer:


Aerial Classes

Lyra Class


Dance Class (coming soon)


Private/Semi-Private Lessons


Virtual Classes

We look forward to working with you!

C O M E   I N .   B E  M O V E D .