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Nanette Robinson, choreographer, somatic educator and dancer is ZUZI! Dance Co-Founder and Artistic Director, holds a BFA in Dance from Temple University.  She is an introductory and ongoing certified instructor of Skinner Releasing Technique and a certified yoga instructor.  Nanette has been strongly influenced by the somatic practice of Releasing and Alexander technique over the years.  One of her mentors, Liz Lerman Dance Exchange, has informed the company’s visionary approach in relationship with multigenerational dancers and community outreach with non dancers.

She has an ongoing relationship with Paolo Friere Integral Middle School, Greenfields Country Day Schoo, Villa Maria Geriatric Care Center, Waldorf School, Satori School, Pima County Library, Arts for All, Artworks, Mirasol Eating Disorder Recovery, Group and City High School in Tucson, teaching aerial dance (single point trapeze), contemporary practice, yoga and movement for seniors and non dancers of all ages.  She has been teaching and training instructors in aerial dance technique for over 20 years.  Her aerial teachers have been Robert Davidson and Terry Sendgraff, the founder of aerial dance. Nanette’s teaching residencies and choreography have been showcased locally and nationally with O-T-O, Zenith Dance Collective, and Arts for All, Tucson Botanical Gardens, University of Arizona Dance Department, University of Iowa Dance Department, Pima Community College, Rick Wamer, “Mythos” Project, NEW ARTiculations, Funhouse Movement Theater, The Tucson Poetry Festival, the ADAA Showcase, the Flagstaff Summer Dance Festival, and the University of Wisconsin, MFA program, Latina Dance Collective and Taproot Productions to name a few. Nanette is currently teaching at ZUZI! Paolo Freire School, Mirasol Recovery Treatment Program and ZUZI! School.  
She is thrilled to be a part of ZUZI!. It has been her home and artistic toolbox for creating dances, flying, teaching and working with all levels, abilities and ages of dance and movement lovers.

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