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lead as an artist-driven, community-centered dance space where we create partnerships and collaboration through education, artist support, and public performance.


Tucson as a city where aerial dance and contemporary-modern movement is a regular part of the cultural landscape, where movement artists are valued for their important contributions to culture and society.


If you want to dance, we will make it happen. ZUZI! embraces "movers" of all backgrounds, ages, sizes, orientations, and abilities, facilitating participation and connection between diverse segments of the population. Our commitment to affordability enables dancers from any socio-economic status to participate, providing work-trade and scholarship opportunities so that everyone has a chance to dance. ZUZI! crafts programs and performances that encourage participation and forge meaningful links between artists and audiences.

We offer classes, workshops, camps and shows!

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Are you interested?

Thanks for reaching out!


ZUZI! Dance is a 501 (c)(3), a non-profit arts service organization committed to catalyzing personal expression and healing for people of all backgrounds, ages, and abilities. Through movement-based art forms and somatic practices, ZUZI! Dance provides opportunities and resources for individuals to discover and confidently navigate their creative paths. We offer classes, workshops, and performances for our community to fully experience live art.
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