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Welcome to our events page!  ZUZI! has been in Tucson for 23 years, serving the community with wonderful shows specializing in Aerial Trapeze Dance & Modern Dance. We hope you will come to one of our shows!  This page is a little look into what ZUZI!'s performances are all about.  You can also visit our Videos page for a sneak peek!

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The No Frills Dance Happenin' Showcase has been in existence for 23 years and is an important venue for local choreographers & performers to show new, existing work or work in progress. ZUZI! “No Frills” has been described as an open mic for dance and is a unique opportunity to show work and perform in a relaxed setting, where some of the pieces can be quite experimental in nature.  It has become a favorite amongst artists and audiences alike1 



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Our Solstice shows come twice a year, based around the Winter and Summer Solstices.  A theme is picked that also revolves around the Solstice, usually about nature, rebirth, growth, light vs dark etc etc... These shows typically run for more than one day but over the years have evolved, and sometimes one bigger show is performed.  Our Solstice shows are very dear to the ZUZI! family, they hold a lot of deep meaning to each one of us and truly encompass the ZUZI! Mission.

LOOKING AHEAD: Our community workshop & performance opportunity has been posted and registration is now open: CLICK HERE!

Watch our past Solstice shows here!

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Fun! Fun! Fun! In our summer camp, students will explore the performing & visual arts of aerial low-flying trapeze, dance, choreography and various forms of painting and drawing! Each camp has a literary theme and all material learned is based on a special book picked by ZUZI! Director and staff.


(This year’s camp was based on the children’s story Linnea in Monet’s Garden by Christina Björk.)  Take a look at a short compilation from this year's camp fun HERE!

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You can have your party hosted by ZUZI!  These hosted parties are not only for kids....Adults, don't miss out on the fun!!  What would be more fun than "flying" on your birthday, graduation celebration, bridal shower or simply a night out for you and your besties!    Contact us at:  or fill out our contact form HERE

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