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ZUZI! Guidelines for In-Studio Classes

Wash hands or use hand sanitizer upon entering the space and after
using the restroom or touching your face.
If you are sick in any way, please do not attend class or come to the

​ZUZI! has trapezes for purchase and it will be yours to keep forever!

Please come with your own pre-filled water bottle and the dance
clothes you will be moving in.  
Please arrive 10 minutes before the start of class.
Drop-off and entrance will be on the east side of the building only.
Parents/Legal Guardians must sign-in/out students under the age of
18 and are welcome to stay during class.

As always, ZUZI! requires that every student is treated with respect
and kindness and that students treat others with respect and
kindness also!

Zuzi Solistice Aerial Maddie_edited.jpg

We thank you for choosing ZUZI! and thank you for following our
guidelines.  We are dedicated to keeping our ZUZI! family safe and
healthy, while still providing quality instruction and an enjoyable
experience!  Your understanding and cooperation is truly appreciated. 
We are so very happy you will be joining us this season and we

cannot wait to “get movin’” with each of you!

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