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What people are saying about ZUZI!

ZUZI! provides an encouraging and artistic framework for adult students to develop as dancers, choreographers, and artists. I am one of those students and immensely grateful!   -Carol Mueller

I have been a part of ZUZI! since I was seven years old. ZUZI! has given me a place to grow and a place to move. Being able to have a place to dance and to create has allowed me to express myself in a truly special and unique way.   -Madeline Brown

I am an older dancer who retired to Green Valley over 10 years ago. The first few years in this area, I danced at a couple of studios in Tucson, but when I found ZUZI!, I knew I was home! The atmosphere is welcoming and inviting, the classes are wonderful, and there are dancers of all ages. Everyone is valued and encouraged.   

-Claire McGibney

Zuzi! is a place where dancers can go to be accepted as they are. All ages, abilities, and levels of dance knowledge are welcome to attend class and are supported by the instructors. It also provides much- needed performance opportunities for dancers and arts-loving audiences alike. These kinds of affordable performance opportunities are rare to find in Tucson, and as a performing artist I truly appreciate them.   -M

ZUZI! Dance has been offering continuous quality dance education for all ages, abilities and circumstances for decades.  When I moved to Tucson from NY, I immediate found a dance home in ZUZI!, both as a student and as an instructor.  ZUZI!'s unique curriculum creates a safe environment of movement exploration that enables each student to discover the natural dancer within.  It is an organization that is filled with heart and love for their students.  In this current social climate of divisiveness, ZUZI! is a sanctuary of creativity and community.  I am grateful to be part of the ZUZI! family.  -Karenne Koo

What students from our Residency with Mirasol say about ZUZI! ~

This class is inspiring and utterly amazing, allowing me to freely express whatever I happen to be feeling that day.  It has also finally pushed me over the edge to find a dance company when I get home.


ZUZI! makes me feel free. I enjoy it because it is something I have never done. I really enjoy liquid grace because I feel most free and at peace in that pose.  Also walk-run-fly is fun.


ZUZI! Dance has been one of my most positive experiences at Mirasol.  It has given me back the expression I had as a dancer. It helped me work through trust and comfort levels. It makes me feel free and strong. I’ve really enjoyed all aspects.

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