Information Courtesy of The Historic Y

The new STUDIO Y

The Historic Y is pleased to announce the opening of Studio Y at 650 N 6th Avenue, on the northeast corner of 4th Street, just around the corner from The Historic Y.

Studio Y consists of perimeter offices around a bright, airy, unobstructed 1400-square-foot gallery space called "The Studio."  Unexpressed on the exterior, The Studio surprises and delights as visitors enter as most are not prepared for the 20'-high ceilings with exposed wood trusses and the beautiful natural light streaming in from wrap-around clerestory windows. 

Studio Y is ideally situated and contains the perfect combination of amenities to expand and enhance the offerings of The Historic Y community.  Our vision for Studio Y is to be a multi-functional space accommodating a variety of artists, professionals and organizations, a place to work, meet, gather, create, collaborate, celebrate, ponder, teach, rehearse, and perform.  A place to learn, to be stimulated and invigorated, and be part of a creative community.


Studio Y is both:

1. A creative co-working environment with a studio atmosphere, for professionals, non-profit organizations, artists, designers and activists; and,  

2. A rehearsal and performance space accommodating a combination of dance and acting classes and rehearsals, workshops, meetings, conferences, photography shoots, poetry readings, fundraising events, performances, jazz concerts, dance events, and private parties.  Capacity 46 people.

Click here for more information about office opportunities at Studio Y.


For information for renting The Studio by the hour or the day for classes, workshops, and other events, please click here.